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Friday, November 2, 2012

How to Eliminate Body Odor

Are you plagued by body odor that seems to pop up during the most inopportune times? Below are steps and tips on how to eliminate that body odor.

1. Be sure to shower or bathe daily. Use proper body cleansing agents such as soap or shower gel. Wash everything completely especially your underarms.

2. Don't use antiperspirant/deodorant (except in cases of excessive sweating). It will actually end up making you smell worse than ever. Not many people know this, but perspiration by itself has no odor at all. Underarm odor is caused by bacteria and their excrement. Soap and deodorant actually supply food for the bacteria and they excrete even more. This is easy to verify. Just wash your underarms with nothing but water and a clean cloth. Do this for a month. You will not smell at all. If it is too much sweating giving you trouble, then you should actually use an antiperspirant. This is because this product helps to cut down on your sweating.

 3. Change your clothes, including undergarments and socks, daily. Wash underwear (but not necessarily bras) after each use, and other clothes at least when they get dirty, sweaty, or when they do not smell clean. Socks and shoes may be changed 2-3 times per day if they get sweaty, and keeping feet dry can reduce odor and irritation.

4. Store your clothes in places where air can get to them and that smell nice. Consider scented paper as lining in your drawers. Hanging garments up may help more than storing them in drawers; it will let them dry and kill any bacteria that might be living there.

5. Wash your hands frequently, at least three or four times per day

6. Adjust your diet/lifestyle. Body odor is directly linked to the waste products of your body's digestion. What you eat has a large effect on how you smell. If you eat bad quality, unhealthy food, your digestion will reflect that, and you will excrete those bad smells and stink to those around you. Try to avoid fast food, fried foods, and any other processed foods that contain a lot of chemicals.

7. If you smoke, stop smoking. Everyone knows that smoking causes cigarette smell to attach to your clothing. It can also negatively affect the regulatory systems responsible for keeping odors in line. Stop smoking.

8. If the body odor doesn't seem to go away, no matter how much you wash, consider probiotics or changing your diet. Don't bother trying to mask the odor; find out what is causing it, and treat it. Also try using mild shampoo instead of soap, and even consider washing your body by scrubbing well with just water and a clean cloth (as for some individuals, odor seems to be a reaction to cleansers). Water-only washing may or may not work, depending on the cause of the odor, your body, what you're exposed to, and your local water; try it on a day you can risk smelling bad first.

9. Floss daily, preferably twice a day, and brush your teeth at least two times a day. Have professional cleaning at least two times a year. Body odor may also include halitosis, which is often a sign of gingivitis.

10. Consult your doctor if body odor is a permanent problem. You might be diagnosed with Bromhidrosis. It is often associated with changes of the hormone level (pubertal or climacteric period), diabetes, hidden inflammations, alimentation changes or preponderance. The most common reason for unpleasant body odor is excessive sweating.

11. Always carry a bandana - it is a useful item to carry when outdoors. Wipe the perspiration off yourself with the bandana or a damp bandana. After using paper towels, there might be tiny bits of the paper towel on your face, so if there is no mirror, wipe at your face to remove those possible specks. With gangs around, don't use a red or blue bandana.

12. Buy some of those canisters (similar to baby wipes) with the disposable cleaning sheets for some quick and easy freshening-up. What works just as well is a some paper towel, soaked with a little rubbing alcohol, in a zip lock bag. Spray in a little cologne in the bottle of rubbing alcohol.


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